Cairns Carpet Cleaning

In the home or the office keep your carpets fresh and clean, eliminate bacteria and stains. Steam cleaning goes deep into the carpet pile extracting dirt and germs helping to maintain the life of the carpet leaving it sanitised and deodorised.

Dirt in your carpet forms a barrier that chokes the carpet from breathing, which increases humidity resulting in an elevated growth of  microbial bacteria. We can detect microbial growth with our technology. Let your carpet breath and live longer.

The method of  deep pile steam extraction,  washes the carpet, removes dirt and kills germs. bugs and bacteria leaving it sanitized and deodorised leaving it with a lightly scented pleasant smell. 

You don't need to move your furniture, we will do this wherever necessary and possible. Any fragile or breakable items we suggest you move somewhere safe. Do move small items such as shoes, toys etc.

Drying time depends on some factors especially living in the Tropics:

1. The thickness of the carpet wool or synthetic.

2. Weather hot humid wet or dry.

3. You can help reduce drying time by turning on fans and air conditioners.

4. It can be as little as 2 hours or 6 hours.



At ground level

$120 -3 bedroom

$160 -4 bedroom

$200 -5 bedroom

$50 lounge room

$40 stairs

$20 hallway

 DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE if we do mattresses and or lounges at the same time

Our cleaning service  is fully insured.

We use only evironmentally safe products that have no sulphate or petroleum solvents and are fully bio-degradable. 




Mobile Steam Cleaning Service

Ships & High Rise Apartments

We can take our equipment to those difficult areas; along finger wharfs or lifts, to steam clean your Carpet, Mattresses or Lounge. Kill those bugs and bacteria leaving it sanitized and deodorised leaving it with a pleasant lightly scented smell. 




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