Water Flood Damage

Here in the Tropics we can have sudden downpours of rain of 200ml in one hour and thats why we have deep ravines running down the mountains into the suburbs. 

The water seeps  into houses and businesses, with our low water table the ground is quickly saturated and flooding inevitable, it comes up from the ground!

25 years have taught this, been through many flooding encounters. The aftermath stench from mould and mildew and it is usually associated with high humidity.


Don't forget to take photos of the water damaged carpets before any work starts, as a record for the insurance claim.

We know what they expect, in their final inspection after our work they take moisture readings before passing the claim for payment.

We are  on to this, we have our own moisture reader and we don't leave till it passes.


Remember ASAP it's important, after two days you will have to throw it out the hygiene risk is too great.

Get that comfort zone back. We have vacuumed up hundreds of litres of water, applied turbo industrial grade air movers continuosly for 24hours or more above and below the carpets.

When dry, steam clean, sanitised and deodorised leaving a pleasant scented smell. Comfort zone back.


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