Cairns Mattress Cleaning

In your home keep your mattress fresh and clean and eliminate bacteria. Steam cleaning goes deep into the mattress and extracts dirt and germs helping to maintain the life of the mattress leaving it sanitized and deodorized.

Sleep accounts for %30 of our lifetime. The waste water after steam cleaning a mattress is unbelievable and the smell too. Sweat and other body fluids penetrate bed linen. You wash your clothes after they are soiled. Living in the Tropics we sweat.

Mattresses should be cleaned every six months to remove bacteria, dust mites and dead skin cells. Sweatand urine often leave a permanent discolouration, professional steam cleaning will help to remove smells and some stains. It feels good knowing your sleeping on a clean bed.



Expert Mattress Cleaning Service

It takes about half an hour to one hour to steam clean each mattress depending on it's size.

The process used to steam clean a mattress is firstly vacuum which we use a fine filter that captures tiny particles from escaping to the atmosphere. Prespray the mattress then steam clean removing grease, soils and body fats leaving it sanitised and deodorised with a pleasant lightly scented smell.

Drying time is usually about four hours, shorter if you turn on the ceiling fan and air conditioner.

Our cleaning service  is fully insured and we use only environmentally safe products that have no sulphate or petroleum solvents. 






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Prices for a single - king size bed between $80 - $100. Discounts available if we are also doing your carpet, lounges and or curtain cleaning.

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