Persian and Oriental rugs are expensive as they have their distinctive weave, artistic design and an array of

colours and patterns of quality silk, cotton and wool. Your precice investment you want to care for.


Do not beat or shake them too hard especially the older the rug. 

We use a gentle sweeper brush going with the grain not against it. Any spillages do not agitate the fibres which

could damage delicate fibres and result in colour transference or smearing,  use a clean white cloth to soak it up and underneath.

Then call a professional.


A skillfull technician can assess the type of carpet and the method to clean it.

If for instance you have a wool rug that is sogging wet, before cleaning the rug will have to be dried out,

we do this by using turbo industrial grade air movers.  

Then the rug is vacuumed, steam cleamed, leaving the rug clean, sanitised and deodorised with a pleasant

scented smell.


We use only enviromentally safe products with no sulpate or petroleum solvents

and they are fully bio-degradable.


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